High purity water production has traditionally used a combination of membrane separation and ion exchange processes.

Electrodeionization, EDI is a advanced technology combines membrane system with ion-exchange resin to provide a high efficiency demineralization process by using electricity as driven force for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and general industry.

EDI system utilizes an electrode by current supply to ionize water molecules and separate dissolved solid (TDS) from RO permeate water to produced high purity water.

Advantages of the EDI as opposed to the conventional systems of ion exchange resin are:

  • Produce high quality of ultra pure water up to 16.0 MΩ.cm in constant flow.
  • Chemical-free (used electricity instead of chemical for regeneration) and environmentally safe.
  • Simple and continuous production instead of batch cycle.
  • Cost effective operation and maintenance.
  • Non pollution, safety and reliablility.
  • Required small footprint for operation.
  • No neutralization system needed.