Organo (Asia) Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Organo Corporation Japan was incorporated since 1986 in Malaysia.

Organo expanded from Japan to Malaysia, over 33 years to provide water treatment solutions to our customers which focusing in the Southeast Asia region. To date, we have built more than 350 water treatments systems in this region and not to mention systems modifications and expansions works.

Organo Asia is a one stop global industrial water treatment solution provider and evidence of our footprints is seen in countries around the world.



Group Concept
Organo Group values harmony between people and the environment. Water is a valuable asset given and shared by all life on earth. Valuing water more than anything else, Organo Group studies it, makes use of it in all parts of life and industry and creates new value from this priceless asset. With the concept of “Coexistence with Earth” in mind, Organo expands its business in every territory ranging from our daily lives to social infrastructure and advanced industries.

Organo Group Company Philosophy
Organo Group looks ahead to the future of the earth and creates the value of the water with “HEART” and “TECHNOLOGY”.

Organo Group Management Philosophy
We constantly re-examine the way we manage our company to ensure that we:

  1. Treasure the world in which we all live
  2. Take good care of our customers
  3. Respect and nurture our employees
  4. Develop and use technology for the benefit of all
  5. Build value for our stockholders


In a world of rapid change and advancement, the environmental destruction has seriously affecting the very foundation of life living. Water, one of the most basic of necessities for human life, has suffered the most from pollution and contamination.

ORGANO ASIA shares the same basic belief that is ‘Water Is Life’ for all existence in this planet. We are placing the highest priority in treating, purifying and maximising our precious resource adopt from our parent company.

Our customers’ needs and requirements have always played a great role as our guiding principle to continually improve and be the leader in water treatment. We’ve always strive to maintain the dense and trust of our expanding list of customers by remaining true to our pledge that are:

  1. CHALLENGE – We will take the toughest challenge.
  2. EFFICIENCY – We will provide fast and the best quality service and product to our customer.
  3. SINCERITY – We will be honest and fair in all aspects of work.

Organo Asia will continue to dedicate itself to continually innovating, figuring out new technology, efficient and cost effective solutions for the betterment of the environment and industry. With “Ecologically Clean” as our concept, we strongly believe that Industry, People and the Environment can coexist harmoniously.



Founded : 1 May 1946
Paid-up Capital : JPY 8.2 Trillion (RM 316 Million)
Organo Group’s Staff No. : 1,051 (End of March 2020)
Main Operating Office : Head Office (in Tokyo)


Incorporated in MALAYSIA : 25 January 1986
Paid-up Capital : RM7,000,000
Total No. of Employee : 207 (As of 31st August 2020)
Main Operating Office : Shah Alam, Malaysia