Growing By Satisfying Customers

Upon commissioning and hand-over of system, we continue to serve our customer by providing Maintenance services to the Pure and Wastewater Treatment System. At ORGANO ASIA, we emphasize on Conceptualizing and Developing Innovative Ideas to meet our customers’ requirements. Innovation makes us improve on water processing equipments that are considered ideal for today’s needs.

With a Strong Team of Professional and Experienced manpower, we are able to oversee the operation of our customer’s plant and the training of their personnel in the operation of our sophisticated equipment.

Frequent servicing and monitoring of the equipment ensures optimum results, as well as lengthening the lifespan of the equipment and its parts.

Our ability to meet the changing needs of valued customers, its dedication to quality and determination to achieve high standards has made ORGANO ASIA the leader in the industry.

Customers may engage us to provide one or a combination of the following services:

  1. Consumable Items Sales and Replacement
  2. System Operation and Troubleshooting
  3. Regeneration Of Resin Column
  4. Service Team
Consumable Items Sales and Replacement

Includes of Sales and Replacement of General Consumable Items such as Sand and Carbon Filter Media, Ultra Filtration Membrane, Micro Filtration Membranes, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Ion Exchange Resins, Ultra Violet Sterilizer and Oxidization Lamp, Filter Elements, Electrodeionization Unit. Not limiting to Measuring Instruments such as Conductivity or Resistivity Sensors and Controller, pH or ORP Sensor and Controller, Control Panel Instruments, Valves and Mechanical Equipment such as Pumps and Agitators

System Operation and Troubleshooting

Total Contract Maintenance and Operation of the Pure and Waste Water Treatment System. Our Maintenance Services Contracts include supplying manpower for routine monitoring of process and equipment at site, propose replacement for consumable parts, preparing and replenishing of chemical solutions, cleaning and calibrating of measuring sensor instruments, regular monitoring of mechanical and electrical equipments, emergency troubleshooting of system.

In addition, we also carry out troubleshooting On Mechanical and Electrical Work including System Efficiency Monitoring and Upgrading Proposal. Overhauling of Mechanical Rotating Equipment, System Preventive Maintenance Proposal, Calibration of Control Instruments are part and puzzle of this working mechanism.

Regeneration Of Resin Column

For Small Deionized Water Plant, we provide the Regeneration Facility for Resin Column. Resin Column is supply on Rental Basis. We maintain an ample stock of Fresh Column to cater for daily utilization and also for any emergency requirement. Our Regeneration Facility has monitoring instrument to make sure that all the regenerated columns meet our Control Spec before supplying to our customer. We also replenish and replace our resins regularly to maintain the quality and efficiency of our Resin Column supply.

Service Team

We always believe that Human Resourses are the Greatest Assets of any Organization. Over the years we have managed to build up a Skilled Service Team to handle all of the above mentioned whenever and whatever. We maintain a 24 / 7 Emergency Support System to our customer to show our commitment and gratitude to their full support and trust in us.