Water is an integral part of oil and gas industry to ensure its successful operations and we Organo Asia are able to provide total water and wastewater treatment solutions which incorporates the latest and most cost-effective methods and technologies to both upstream and downstream sectors of oil and gas industry.

For upstream oil and gas solutions, the water is brought along into the harvest of the oil and gas process and produced water treatment is one of the applications. We have decades of experience in provide such water treatment applications which could meet different needs.

We must not ignore the importance of water and wastewater treatment for downstream oil and gas industry due to the ever increasing competiveness of this sector. Process Water treatment in downstream oil and gas industry is to ensure the longevity of the hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing industries. Satisfactory quality of demineralized water could be achived by using suitable pre-treatment process, followed by filtration system, Ion Exchanging processes (Mono-Bed or Mixed Bed) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology.

The wastewater generated by downstream oil and gas industry often contain high level of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or Oil and Grease (O&G). These effluents could be treated by the treatment system in stages depending on its effluent characteristics such as oily water seperator, biological treatments (aerobic or anaerobic), dissolved air floatation (DAF), clarifications and filtrations. We are able to provide and build high efficiency wastewater treatment solutions or wastewater reclamation system that cater for most downstream oil and gas industry.