Organo Asia has developed a MPU System which consists of Pretreatment System, Demineralized Water System and Subsystem. The Sub System is selectable and it is included in MPU System to produce ultra pure water.

The final product of MPU system is industrial grade pure water and ultra pure water. MPU is widely used for ultra pure water in semiconductor industry, deionized water in pharmaceutical industry and industrial grade water for power generation industry.


Beside MPU System, Organo Asia also develops SDA system which consists of RO system and EDI system. EDI technology in combination with RO offer a chemical-free option for the removal of ionic impurities from raw water. Basically for smaller scale, RO units are cost effectively in replacing cation and anion tower whereas EDI units in replacing mixed bed deionizers.

SDA is more suitable for smaller industrial usage to get high purified water from city water. SDA is ideal for use in ultra pure water in semiconductor industry, process water in food industry, industrial grade water in power generation industry and purified water in pharmaceutical industry.

1 Pass RO System (ROC System)

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a semipermeable membrane to a region of low solute concentration by applying pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure.

ROC system is a standard skid unit of 1 pass RO system that consists of high pressure pumping unit and membrane element assembly unit. ROC system has the ability to purify water by removing salts, contaminants, bacteria, particles and other impurities to produce ultra pure water.

Pretreatment system such as ultrafiltration or microfiltration and activated carbon filter are required to get the basic feed water quality for ROC system.

Common applications of ROC system are purified water in food and pharmaceutical industry, heavy metal recovery, water purification for power generation industry and ultra pure water in semiconductor industry.

2 Pass RO System (DRA System)

In some cases where there is high salinity feed water or low salinity permeate, ROC system may not capable to produce the permeate water with required salinity.

In order to achieve the required permeate salinity, the permeate water produced by one pass RO is desalted again in second RO system. This configuration is called 2 pass RO system (DRA system) which is composed of two high pressure pumping unit and two pass RO membrane element design. Pretreatment system such as ultrafiltration or microfiltration and activated carbon filter are required to get the basic feed water quality for DRA system.

Typical applications of DRA system are for purified water in manufacturing and beverage industry, water purification for boiler feed water and ultra pure water system for electronics industry.


Electrodeionization(EDI) is a chemical-free process for producing pure water by applying an electrical current that enables ion exchange resins to regenerate themselves continuously.

ORGANO® EDI-HF2 has a unique D2-sturucture, especially designed for raw water which contains a high percentage of weak acid, such as CO2 and SiO2. Unlike other EDI stacks, EDI-HF2 has two dilute chambers and each chamber has different functions, so it is effective for the removal of weak acid.

Besides, ORGANO EDI-HF2 has an internal structure which can accept a wider range of water quality, and has the ability to produce pure water in a simple flow such as a single RO+EDI-HF2.

ORGANOⓇ EDI-WR is Organo’s new ultra high flow EDI. The ingenious and unique design of the dilute chamber enables the high flow and space-saving of the stack.

EDI-WR provides the highest flow among all Organo EDI models.

Organo designs and innovate a new system Pure Box which is a mobile container-type demineralized water production unit. It consists of pretreatment unit, demineralized unit and tank unit.

The capacity of Pure Box is 20 cubic meter per hour. Typical applications of Pure Box are for supplying of DI water during maintenance period and peak hours as well as for system testing and research.