Sustainable Solutions in Ultra Pure Water and Demineralized Water Treatment in Malaysia

Organo Asia recognises the added-value impact of water treatment technology to its business competitiveness and sustained growth. Organo Asia make more efficient use of resources, manifests through its commitment to technology and investment in R&D, projects and competency development in Malaysia.

As a water treatment specialize, we are totally committed to using our expertise and years of experience to meet our clients variety of need and requirements. Organo Asia dominates effort to constantly assist our clients to enhance productivity and progress by providing water as physically close to pure H2O.

Technological Solution of Ultra Pure and Demineralized Water System in Malaysia

Each technological solution is tailored to produce ultra pure and demineralized water involved:

  1. Filtration
  2. Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  3. Ion Exchange System (SGX)
  4. Mixed Bed Polisher (MBP) and Condensate Polisher (CPP)
  5. Electrodeionization (EDI)