SGX Unit
SGX Unit
SGX with Cation Polisher

Organo Asia demineralized water treatment systems remove dissolved minerals from process water used in boiler make-up water and other industrial applications in Malaysia and South East Asia. The most common methods of demineralization water are membrane application and Ion Exchange Resin system.

Our demineralized water system consists of latest 2B3T technology package called “SGX” unit. SGX is composed of Cation Tower, Degasifier and Anion Tower, which designed to produce the demineralized water up to 110 m3/hr per train. To increase the purity of demineralized water, a single unit of polisher which is Cation Polisher will implement into SGX unit to become 3B4T system.

Advantages of Organo Asia’s SGX unit are:

  • Strata Resin Bed Type : High operating capacity and high efficiency of regeneration.
  • Packed strong cation and anion resin : High treated water quality (< 0.2 µS/cm at Cation Polisher) and high efficiency of regeneration.
  • Regeneration : Short regenaration time and less wastewater produced.
  • Simple line-up design : Easy for maintenance and operation control.
  • Minimized operating cost : Less chemical consumption for regeneration.