A mixed-bed polisher unit will be required if the product water specification is below that achievable from the demineralization plant alone or if a higher degree of safety is required to ensure water quality. The Condensate Polisher system is also used to polish returned condensate for reuse in closed loop steam generation for power plant and oil & gases industries.

Organo optimize the combination of ion exchange unit and membrane systems to deliver customized demineralization systems that meet the needs of our clients.


This process differs essentially from the separate bed system in that the two strong ion exchange resins, Cation and the Anion, are homogenous mixed in a single vessel. Organo Asia’s MBP can deliver high purity of water with resistivity more than 10.0 MΩ.cm at 25°C, ionic silica less than 20 ppb and its quality remains constant throughout the cycle.


The returned condensate from the super-critical closed loop steam generator must be purified, to remove impurities (such as ions and iron oxides) which have the potential to cause scaling, corrosion, loss of unit efficiency and mechanical damage to the high pressure boilers, steam turbines and condenser.

Superiority of Organo Asia’s CPP unit are:

  • Feature a mixed-bed design with a special strong cation and anion resin to produce high quality of water.
  • Save power utility cost by minimizing blowdown and start up time.
  • External system for separation, backwashing and regeneration to reduce possible of down-time.
  • Compact design for small footprint and easy for maintenance and operation.
  • Minimized operating cost due to less chemical consumption for regeneration.