Biological treatment is the succeeding method after physical chemical treatment to remove high concentration of BOD, COD, and Organic matter. Biological process takes place in activated sludge systems in conventional method by using microorganism that grow in wastewater. It provides long retention time and sufficient oxygen and nutrient for microorganism to cultivate. Organo (Asia) provides the biological systems that conserve your space and reduce the operating costs concurrently.


Aeration system is used to promote biological oxidation in order to treat the pollutants in wastewater.

This aerobic system is aimed to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Suspended Solids (SS) by utilizing the microogranisms to feed on the organic matters in the wastewater stream. In aeration process, it introduces the air into the wastewater stream and thus increase the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) content which is favour for bacterial growth. Also, carbon source would be introduced to encourage the bacterial growth in order to enhance the performance of the aeration process. The activated sludge in the wastewater treatment process will be recycled in order to maintain the Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) or Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids (MLVSS). The recyling process of this MLSS can be done by utilizing the settling tank subsequent to aeration process.

Our cost effective aeration system technologies are proven in reducing BOD and we have various design to meet your specifications and requirements.


MBR system combines the conventional activated sludge system with membrane filtration system. It replaces the conventional settling tank that comes after an aeration tank. MBR reduces the cost of operation and required footprint as well as provides better removal result. MBR membrane maximises the surface area for reaction to take place. This leads to an increased on the load uptake rate and require a smaller reactor volume. By incorporating MBR system, the COD removal efficiency is increased to 96-99% compared to conventional activated sludge system (95%). MBR system is proven to be more effective than conventional system.

Advantages of MBR system are:

  • Compact design for small footprint
  • Easy for maintenance and operation
  • Higher efficiency than conventional system