Physical Chemical Wastewater Treatment covers the range of treatment processes that remove a variety of impurities from influent or wastewater. Generally, this unit operation consists of pH adjustment, coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation or floatation processes. If undertaken correctly, this process will remove specific impurities and produce treated water suitable for either discharge or next process step (such as biological treatment) depending on overall process. Sludge can then generally be treated and dewatered for subsequent disposal.


Organo (Asia) has developed an innovative high speed settling-coagulation unit to optimize the performance of your plant while minimising operating cost and it is applicable in most industries.

Advantages of Organo’s high speed settling coagulation unit are:

  • High settling rate (LV=5m/hr), which has about 5 times higher surface loading rate than conventional clarifier unit.
  • Compact design and substantially reduce the required footprint and installation cost.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

Conventional coagulation system which removes fluoride from wastewater consumes a large amount of inorganic coagulants such as poly aluminium chloride (PAC). Organo (Asia) has developed ORSREC system to minimize the inorganic coagulants consumption by recycling and reutilize the sludge generated. ORSREC fulfills the three tiered approach for managing waste, REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. By utilizing ORSREC, fluoride concentration in the treated water is approximately 3 ppm. Besides, our proven ORSREC is able to reduce the volume of sludge generated and desired water quality is achievable with a small amount of coagulants added.

Some of the key advantages of ORSREC are:

  • Lower operating costs by reusing the coagulants contained in the sludge generated.
  • Lower disposal cost as volume of sludge generated is reduced.
  • Moisture content in sludge generated is reduced.

DAF systems have been widely developed in various field related to wastewater treatment. DAF treatment is commonly applied for removing of suspended solids in oily and emulsion wastewater. A part of treated water from DAF will be recycled. A pump is used to create a high pressure condition to increase the dissolution of pressurize air in the recycled treated water. The saturated recycle water will release the air once entering the DAF system. Air bubbles formed from released air result in a buoyant force to drag the particles to the surface of the water where they are subsequently removed by a skimming mechanism.

Organo has developed the High Speed DAF system with LV20m/hr, which has 4 times high surface loading rate compare to conventional DAF Unit.

Superiority of Organo Asia’s DAF unit are:

  • High processing speed than conventional system.
  • Compact design (4 times smaller) and substantially reduce the required footprint.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Stable performance for treated water quality.