Organo laboratory has been set up since 1992 with the sole purpose to provide analytical services to customers. The Organo laboratory conducts water analysis and function as an independent & commercial laboratory.

In early 1995, our laboratory has obtained the certification of ISO/IEC G 25 under the Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM). In year 2002, our certification had migrated to ISO/IEC 17025. Now in 2008, our certification has advanced to complement the progress of the standard – MS ISO/IEC 17025.


ORGANO is equipped with a laboratory that has a full range of water & chemical analysis equipment and skilled personnel to assist in monitoring, quality control and solving any problems with regards to water treatment. With an MS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and equipped laboratory, specially trained and skilled workforce, we have the advantage over our competitors in providing a better service to our customers.

Our laboratory is MS ISO/IEC 17025 certified for analysis of :

  1. Effluent / Sewage / Industrial wastewater
  2. Drinking / River / Mineral / City Water
  3. Pure Water / DI Water (ppb level)

In 1997, we have ventured into setting a Cleanroom Laboratory to conduct Ultra Pure Water at ppt level or ng/l. To analyse to ppt level, our laboratory is equipped with:

  1. A clean room environment Class 1000 with clean benches Class 10 & 100 with support of Organo Asia Pure water system for the analytical water.
  2. Equipment with analysing ppt capabilities such as ICP-MS, Ion Chromatography
  3. Competent & trained personnel to conduct sampling & analysis with support of training & guidance from Organo Japan R&D Center since 1997.

In 1999, the Lab & Chem Dept ventures into the area of Laboratory Consultancy and Set up whereby we:

  1. Set up a laboratory according to customer’s needs and requirement
  2. Have advantage in providing consultancy as Organo itself has the laboratory hands on experience.
  3. Have experienced & dedicated chemist to provide training and guidance